Join the UKFC International Programme

Charitable Organisations outside the United Kingdom that want to fundraise from their UK supporters can apply to become members of the UK Fund’s International Programme.

Regular Affiliate

Your donors will give to the existing organisation who can then support you. You will be listed as a member and pay an annual membership fee plus a percentage of the funds you raise will be retained.

£100.00 joining fee. £60.00 annual renewal fee

Retained amounts as follows:

Donation Amount Retention if Gift Aid Retention if no Gift Aid
Up to £100 20% 15%
Next £9,900 10% 5%
Remainder over £10,000 1% 1%

In evaluating a new charity, the UKFC reviews its mission, vision, and by-laws; current activities, financial statements, and personnel, to ensure your organisation is suitable to receive grants from a UK Registered Charity. In this process, the UK Fund For Charities makes no judgements as to the value of the work you do or the capacity of your organization to do it.

Only once all the necessary paperwork has been received and the evaluation fee processed will the Board of the UKFC then consider your application for evaluation. You will be notified of the outcome shortly after the board meeting has taken place.

Application Form

Required documents for evaluation:

  • A Charity Evaluation Application Form completed in full.
  • Documents that were prepared, signed, or agreed upon when your organization was set up. These typically include a statement of your organization’s mission, vision and by-laws. If these are not in English please, provide both an English translation and a copy of the original. Include name, address, email, website if any and relevant qualifications of translator. The translation should be legally endorsed. Note, the UKFC will also have the translation checked and may pass on any costs incurred.
  • Literature about your programmes.
  • Annual reports of the applicant organisation and financial statements for the last three years in English (translated if necessary with conditions as above).
  • Photo ID documents for three directors (eg. copy of current passport).
  • Details of any projects for which you are hoping to fundraise. This can include grant proposals, informational brochures, budgets etc.
  • Your Policies on safeguarding children/young people or vulnerable adults if you support either of these groups

Please download, print and return the form (via mail, email or fax) with sections 1, 2 and 3 fully completed together with the required documents and the evaluation fee of £100.00 (payable online, via cheque, debit or credit card or bank transfer). A UKFC International Programme Membership Application Form requires two signatures – one of which must be that of a Chairman or equivalent.

Your application will not be considered unless we have all the correct paperwork and the fully completed form.

Download Application Form

Evaluation Fee

There is an initial fee of £100.00 towards validating each charity.

Only once the Evaluation Fee payment has been received and processed will The Board of the HKFC then consider your UKFC Inteternational Programme application for evaluation.

A method of payment must be selected on the UKFC International Programme Application Form (see link above) – whereby you can choose to pay the evaluation fee online or pay via cheque or bank transfer – details of which are included below.




Via Cheque:

Please make a sterling cheque payable to “The UK Fund For Charities” and then mail to the address below:

The UK Fund For Charities
PO Box 288
Crowborough, TN6 9EX
United Kingdom

Via Bank Transfer:

By Bank Transfer to Barclays Bank
Account Name: UK Fund For Charities S/C: 20-23-97, A/C No: 23729745
IBAN: GB23 BUKB 202397 23729745 | Swift:  BARCGB22


Current members organisations of the UKFC International Programme are required to pay an annual renewal fee of £60.00  to cover costs of establishing the charity’s continued eligibility. Payment can be made online (see link below).

Renew Online