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How the UKFC works with Universities

We facilitate Universities and other Tertiary Institutions outside of the United Kingdom allowing them to maximise their donations from their UK supporters.

The number of million pound donations in the UK rose by almost 50% in 2014 when compared with the previous year. The total value of million pound+ donations was £1.35bn, of which £119.09 million went to International causes.

Higher education continues to be the most popular area for multi-million pound donations. The research suggests that, out of the ten largest donations made in the UK last year, 7 were received by higher education institutions, all worth at least £30m. Universities abroad from countries such as Australia and New Zealand are now seeking UK Charity Registered status hoping to achieve similar fund-raising gains by approaching their UK alumni – numbers of which are increasing rapidly year on year as more and more UK students are choosing to study abroad.

Join the UKFC

The UK Fund for Charities is a UK Registered Charity / non-profit that supports charitable organisations and universities around the world.

In the United Kingdom donations to UK Registered Charities from UK tax payers are eligible for the UK Government’s Gift Aid scheme which can increase their donations by 25%. See Gift Aid for more information.

Tertiary institutions and universities outside of the United Kingdom that want to fundraise from their UK supporters can apply to become members of the UK Fund’s International Programme. Using an intermediary organisation, such as the UKFC, is often seen as ideal for universities with small budgets wishing to fundraise from the UK but who are unable to afford or dedicate the time towards being granted Registered UK Charity status. Only universities that qualify under UK tax laws as being eligible to receive grants from UK donors,  will be accepted as members of the International Programme by the Trustees of the UK Fund.

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A step by step process of how the UKFC works for Charities / Non-profits

Your organisation wishes to raise funds from UK Taxpayers (inside or outside the UK)

Charitable Organisations outside the United Kingdom that want to fundraise from their UK supporters can apply to become members of the UK Fund’s International Programme. Using an Intermediary organisation is often seen ideal for non-profits with small budgets wishing to fundraise from the UKFC that are unable to afford or dedicate the time towards being granted Registered UK Charity status.

Regular Affiliate and Retained Amounts

There is an initial fee to join the UKFC that goes towards the cost of validating each charity. The annual renewal fee cover costs of establishing the charity’s continued eligibility.

Your donors will give to the existing organisation who can then support you. You will be listed as a member and pay an annual membership fee plus a percentage of the funds you raise will be retained.

  • £100.00 joining fee. £60.00 annual renewal fee
  • Retained amounts as follows:
Donation Amount Retention if Gift Aid Retention if no Gift Aid
Up to £100 20% 15%
Next £9,900 10% 5%
Remainder over £10,000 1% 1%

Your charity / non-profit meets the UKFC criteria for an eligible grantee

Only organisations that qualify under UK tax laws as being eligible to receive grants from UK charities will be accepted as members of the International Programme by the Trustees of the UK Fund.


In evaluating a non-profit, the UKFC reviews its mission, vision, and by-laws; current activities, financial statements, and personnel, to ensure your organisation is suitable to receive grants from a UK Registered Charity. In this process, the UK Fund For Charities makes no judgements as to the value of the work you do or the capacity of your organisation to do it.

Required documents for evaluation:

  • An Charity Evaluation Application Form completed in full.
  • Documents that were prepared, signed, or agreed upon when your organisation was set up. These typically include a statement of your organization’s mission, vision and by-laws. If these are not in English please provide both an English translation and a copy of the original. Include name, address, email, website if any and relevant qualifications of translator. The translation should be legally endorsed. Note, the UKFC will also have the translation checked and may pass on any costs incurred.
  • Literature about your programmes.
  • Annual reports of the applicant organisation and financial statements for the last three years in English (translated if necessary with conditions as above).
  • Photo ID documents for three directors (eg. copy of current passport).
  • Details of any projects for which you are hoping to fundraise. This can include grant proposals, informational brochures, budgets etc.
  • Your Policies on safeguarding children/young people or vulnerable adults if you support either of these groups.

Once we are satisfied that the necessary paperwork has been received, you will be asked to pay the evaluation fee of £100.00. The Board of the UKFC will then consider your application for evaluation and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

Congrats - You're now a member of the UKFC International Programme. Time to start fundraising!

Once approved – you will be notified in writing. You may use this letter to show potential UK donors confirmation of your affiliation with the UK Fund For Charities. If donors have any questions they are always welcome to contact the UKFC.

You are now ready to start your fundraising. Start spreading the word to all potential UK Donors. Instruct UK donors visiting your website to donate via your own unique UKFC donation page. Encourage anyone fundraising on your behalf in the UK to do so via the UKFC MyDonate page.

The UK Fund can advise organisations outside the UK about their UK fundraising. For example, in addition to approaching individual supporters, it may also be appropriate to apply to UK grantmaking trusts and UK companies to fund specific projects.

Members of the International Programme are advised to advertise their membership on their website and on all fundraising materials as follows:

[Name of Organisation] is a member of the UK Fund for Charities’ International Programme and is supported by the UK Fund which is a charity registered in England and Wales No. 1097462. Donations to the UK Fund from UK taxpayers can be made under Gift Aid. A donation form is available from the UK Fund website email or telephone +44 1342 871910. A donor can recommend to the trustees of the UK Fund that the donation plus the recovered tax less an administrative charge can be granted to any International Programme Member.

Please note that evaluation by the UK Fund for Charities does not guarantee that you will be successful in receiving any grants. Evaluation only ensures that once your charity is validated and becomes a member of our International Programme, UK donors may receive tax deductions for donations to the Fund that will be granted to your organization.


Donations must be received by the 15th of the month preceding a quarterly Board Meeting in order for the grant to be considered at that meeting. Board meetings will normally be held in February, May, August and November.

Please note: A donor may only suggest to the UKFC that it wishes to support a non-UK entity. It’s up to the Board of the UKFC to decide whether or not to follow the donor’s suggestion of the non-UK charitable entity to support.

Recently Evaluated Universities

Gift Aid

Under UK tax law charities can increase a donation’s value through a UK Government approved plan called ‘Gift Aid’ meaning that a UK registered charity can recover the basic rate tax that a UK tax payer has paid on his/her donation.  This doesn’t cost the donor anything but, at current tax rates, it increases the value of the donation by 25% in reclaimed Gift Aid tax.

The UK Fund for Charities administers a Gift Aid reclaim service so that once a donor has made a donation, provided name and address details and “ticked  the Gift Aid box” the UKFC is able to make the claim to HMRC.  Once the reclaimed tax has been received by the UKFC it is added to the original gift.  Follow the Donation Form link to see how your donors can make their Gift Aided donations.  All UK donors are very familiar with the concept of “Ticking the Gift Aid Box”.

UK Government Information about Gift Aid

This is the link to the Inland Revenue’s website explaining Gift Aid.  It is designed for a charity but is useful for a donor