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We’re dedicated to bringing positive social change to people around the world

The UK Fund for Charities has been supporting non-UK charitable organisations in their UK activities and fundraising since 2003.

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How it works

How it works

A detailed step by step process of how the UK Fund for Charities works for non-profits, universities and donors.

Join the UKFC

Join the UKFC

Initial fee if from as low as £100.00 – this goes towards the cost of validating each new member. Ideal for charities with small operating budgets.


Make a Donation

Our International Programme members are all charities and rely on fundraising. Learn more about their missions and support them today.

Make donations go further through Gift Aid

The UK Fund for Charities seeks to be a world leader in supporting charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to bringing positive social change to people around the world. You can make a donation to the UK Fund for Charities and recommend one of its International Programme members to receive a grant. Or, you can tell us about a nonprofit organisation you would like to support and the UKFC will verify that they are a suitable organisation to receive grants.
The dual aims of the UK Fund for Charities’ International Programme are to assist charitable / non-profit organisations outside the United Kingdom that have UK supporters and want to maximise their income from those supporters AND to make donating to non-UK charities as simple as possible for UK donors. The UK Fund itself does not undertake fundraising programmes, however it can advise on aspects of fundraising.

Why Join the UKFC?

  • Cost. Using an Intermediary organisation is often seen ideal for start up charities / non-profits with a small operating budget.
  • Time. A charity / non-profit can be evaluated far quicker than it takes to be granted Registered Charity Status.
  • Contributions from donors who are UK taxpayers, can be increased by 25% in reclaimed Gift Aid. This is a particularly significant opportunity for any charity with UK supporters, even just one! The gift can be made in any currency.