The rapid development in Southern Africa’s industrial and economic infrastructure has made it one of the fastest growing hi-tech consumer markets in Africa. We are now leaving in the 4IR and the ICT sector has increased exponentially over the past 10 years; however the lag between skills development and technology rollout is skewed amongst most HDSA communities.

In order to rectify this THODEA believes in investing and uplifting the youth and women from disadvantaged comunnities.
While it is important to develop skills amongst our staff for the purposes of enhanced giving back, it is equally important for us to cultivate the possible entrepreneurs of the future. To this end we anticipate that our mentoring programs will help to imbue our staff and other HDSA participants with the acumen required to function effectively in the business world. Senior, seasoned personnel, inclusive of the Management/Directors implement a pattern of succession planning not only at the level of key management, but also at the level of the least experienced entry-level and unskilled personnel. In this manner the NPC literally ensures its own continuity into the future whilst engaging in creating “business savvy” entrepreneurs of the future. Contact Us