Community Outreach

South Africa has the infrastructure to support the region’s technological needs. As such IT, Media Communication, Arts, Health, Agricultural, Automotive, Education and Manufacturing industry has an immense wealth of information and technological expertise currently vested in a minority of our population. This imbalance has to be corrected in order that the vast base of human resource already available is converted to a qualitative bank of empowerment.

Governments’ radical and innovative steps such as the policy approach “Public and Private Partnership” and their encouragement and alignment with SMME’s, in the form of the Department of Trade and Industry‘s “Cluster Program” has our unqualified support. We believe that in equipping people and communities with technological skills we will not only be creating a new status quo, but will also be sharing a common vision of spearheading the African Renaissance.
Inspired by the principles of our constitution it is the dream of all South Africans that we will reconstruct a society that can provide the opportunity for every citizen to develop to the highest degree possible.

Now, to implement our envisaged socio-economic goal, we are aware that the challenge for the fulfilment thereof, lies in the effective combining of present economic practices and social solutions. Contact Us