Property Development

Selecting Remicor as a development partner will not only ensure that the development is completed in time, within budget and at the right quality but also ensure that the entire Development, be it Residential, Retail, Commercial or Mixed Use, is viable and yield the necessary returns to the investors. This we achieve by being involved and playing a pivotal role at all project stages of the development including pre-feasibility.

Our services within this area includes but not limited to:

  • PESTEL Analysis to ensure that all opportunities and threats associated with the type of development in a particular area and not only well researched but thoroughly incorporated in the decision-making process.
  • Market Research and Analysis to ensure that the market trends and demands for the specific development type are clearly understood and informs the type of development necessary.
  • Coordinating the designs and Financial Modeling to ensure that the designs are appropriate and that all model variables are included and are in line with the prevailing economic trends.