To build the best reliable partnerships with selected individuals, small businesses and corporate clients in Zimbabwe for the provision of short/medium term finance.


To sustainably improve the livelihood of individuals and SMEs.


Objective: Excellent Client Service “A customer centric oriented approach” Central to Platinum Microfinance  strategy is excellent service delivery. To achieve this the business employed a customer centric oriented approach. The business is alive to the shift from the norm so as to reach its intended market. Platinum Microfinanace’s value proposition to its client comprises quick turn-around times, convenience, digital presence, reliable operational systems and integrity.

Objective: Expand outreach by providing credit services to a significant proportion of the households in our chosen market areas through offering a diverse and unique range of loan products.

Objective: Ensure portfolio quality and diversity by managing risks within preset acceptable limits to make the business to operate profitably.

Objective: Become a financially sustainable, independent MFI accessing a broad variety of financing resources.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY: Platinum Microfinance provides financial services to its customers to enhance their well-being. It realizes this ethically and with transparent, fair, and cost effective methods.

QUALITY OF SERVICES: At Platinum Microfinance we believe that our customers deserve tailor-made as well as efficient services. We provide these services in a handy, proactive, and timely manner.

TRANSPARENCY: We provide our customers and  stakeholders with complete and accurate information about the terms and conditions of our products and services. Information is provided in a user-friendly manner to enable them to easily understand those terms and conditions.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Privacy of our customers and other stakeholders is strictly secured, and such data is only used upon their consent, and they are well informed on specific purposes of data usage.

NON-DISCRIMINATION: Platinum Microfinance considers all its customers and other stakeholders as value assets and takes all of effort to make sure that the institution treats them fairly in all matters.