Platinum Microfinance (Pvt) Ltd (PML)

A licensed microfinance Institution in Zimbabwe. It was incorporated under the companies and the Banking and Financial institution Act in 2019.

PML provides a specially designed range of lending services to clients who may not have access to the mainstream commercial banking services. PML focuses on client satisfaction by offering competitively  priced high value products and services.

A competent Board of 6 experienced directors oversees company operations supported by highly skilled managers and staff.

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Platinum Microfinance Philosophy
At Platinum Microfinance, we refer to our clients as partners. This is because their success determines ours. Our balanced business and social performance outlook, and the associated objectives we set for ourselves, are closely tied to our partners' capacity to build sustainable businesses that improve the income of their families leading to improvements in their resilience and quality of life.

Why should you partner with Platinum Microfinance?
Following on from our corporate philosophy, PML will work closely with you to ensure we provide you with the products and services that fit your business development, and other needs. We will work with you in a spirit of equality and partnership as we look after our common interests to achieve mutual prosperity.