Papillon UK Trust Donors

This invaluable resource provides country specific information on UK-based donor trusts that give overseas. First researched and designed by Jill Ritchie over three decades ago, Papillon UK Donor Trusts remains the go-to source of donor information for non-profits globally. After substantial consultation, Papillon UK has retained its user-friendly and simple spreadsheet format – no confusing and hard-to-navigate searchable databases or locking anyone into costly contracts. Papillon UK Donor Trusts is a cost-effective and easy-to-use resource that can be quickly and simply customised to each organisation’s needs. As the Papillon UK team interact with UK donor trusts on a daily basis, the included donor information is constantly updated and posted online for customers who have purchased this publication.


Fundraising From The UK – A global guide to raising money from UK donors

Packed with resources and tips, Fundraising From The UK, is an invaluable guide to anyone, anywhere wanting to raise money from the UK. Jill Ritchie has over three decades of experience in fundraising and has specialised in raising money in the UK for global universities, non-profit organisations and faith based entities for more than 20 years. She shares her wealth of experience in this accessible and reader-friendly guide – her 28th book. Fundraising From The UK covers an array of funding sources: individuals, the wealthy, trusts, bequests, events and many more. She also demystifies the requirement for a UK-based charity partner and explains Gift Aid (whereby the UK Government adds to individual donors’ gifts).

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