Health and Safety Policy

At Panyanru we are committed to our mission of delivering safe, profitable projects and services. Our aim is to proactively reduce the frequency and severity of injuries. In addition to complying with safety regulations and entrenching the necessary systems, we also promote individual responsibility for safety throughout the organisation

Our mission is to deliver safe and profitable construction projects and services. We aspire for all our operations to be zero harm workplaces. By zero harm, we mean:

  • Every employee, contractor and visitor leaves our operations unharmed daily
  • No new cases of occupational illness result from our activities.

To achieve zero harm, we commit to:

  • Implementing a comprehensive health and wellness program
  • Implementing systematic processes of hazard identification, risk assessment and risk treatment. We will measure the assurance through operational, corporate, external and internal reporting processes.
  • Setting, measuring, reviewing and reporting on our health and safety objectives and targets, while continuously improving
  • Creating and maintaining a supportive culture with visible leadership, training, coaching and a high level of participation by everyone in the workplace
  • Implementing Basil Read’s comprehensive standards, guidelines, systems and procedures to support our zero harm aspiration
  • Meeting and, where applicable, exceeding legal and other requirements.

Environmental policy

Our mission is to minimise harm to the environment by conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

In delivering on our duty of care towards future generations, it is our priority to encourage our stakeholders to practise good environmental behaviour and operate in a sustainable manner. This requires that all should conserve and protect environmental resources through, amongst others, efficient use of energy and water, minimising waste and preventing pollution.

Panyanru management is committed to managing its operations in an environmentally responsible manner by:

  • Complying with all applicable legal requirements
  • Preventing pollution
  • Recycling waste materials for reuse where possible
  • Setting objectives and targets to monitor our environmental performance and continually improving.

Quality policy

Our responsibilities are to consistently ensure the quality of management, resourcing, teamwork, commitment, documented planning and self-verification through an integrated company management system.
Our objective is to maintain ISO 9001 certification while ensuring the continual development and improvement of our quality management system.

We commit to maintaining quality in all areas in order to meet Panyanru’s mission and vision by:

  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations
  • Building sustainable relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors
  • Committing to the continual improvement of the company’s overall performance
  • Cultivating an effective working climate and culture to enhance levels of employee engagement, citizenship, behaviour, and performance
  • Empowering employees to deliver high quality products and services on time.