Electrical & electronic engineering and design

Panyanru has in-depth expertise and authority in the field of electrical systems design for infrastructure that generates, distributes, and utilizes electrical power – as well as systems for controlling and monitoring power.

Our company has been providing specialized electrical engineering services to other engineers for the design of civil and architectural projects, as well as direct support to industrial and municipal clients for all aspects of power distribution and emergency power generation. Some of our electrical capability are as outlined below.

Electrical network reticulation

  • Commercial, industrial and residential electrification networks
  • Standby generator and UPS power supply systems
  • Specialized lighting (street lighting, high mast lighting, building lighting systems, lighting control and automation systems)

Instrumentation Control and SCADA

  • Technical audits and engineering studies
  • Engineering and control system upgrades and modernization
  • Design and engineering         
  • SCADA and PLC systems integration
  • Motor control centres and switchgear

Utility Services

  • Revenue protection
  • Revenue maximization
  • Investigations and studies

Building Management Systems and Security

  • Fire detection and security alarms
  • Residential and commercial access control systems
  • Intelligent building management systems – lighting control, PABX, public address systems, CCTV, sprinkler and pump automation