The design and engineering of projects is a complex and challenging process, and its success is heavily reliant upon good communication between members of the design and engineering teams. Good design is effective when it serves its intended purpose and is produced within a desired budget, time constraints, and safely.

To effectively communicate the design to manufacturing personnel requires a document to clearly define in great detail in the matter of producing it, effectively and without hindrance.

Our services include:

  • Planning, directing, and coordinating preparation of project documentation, such as engineering drawings, production specifications and schedules, and contract modifications, to ensure customer contract requirements are met: Reviewing contracts to determine documentation required for each phase of project, applying knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes.
  • Scheduling due dates for drawings, specifications, software, technical manuals, and other documents.
  • Monitoring status of project to ensure documentation is submitted according to schedule.
  • Reviewing and verifying project documents for completeness, format, and compliance with contract requirements.
  • Submitting project documentation to management for approval, and transmitting approved documents to customer.
  • Confers with engineers, managers, customers, and others to discuss project, prepare documents, or modify contract schedules.