At the heart of the RBN’s many ambitions, is a long-lived pursuit to improve access to quality education and sustainably addressing the youth unemployment by Bafokeng and those living on Bafokeng land. To this end, we continue to participate in fora aimed at promoting quality education programmes and addressing unemployment challenge within the RBN.

Itirele Mosha and Mathematics Olympiad [photo]

RBH supports Bafokeng Mathematics Olympiad

Education is one of the pillars of RBH’s social transformation strategy and the importance of investing in youth development is depicted by the sustained efforts to invest in programmes that would better Bafokeng Nation’s education and position youth for employment prospects.

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Itirele Mosha

Itirele Mosha, which means “young person, empower yourself” in Setswana, was launched as a response to the youth unemployment issue in the RBN. The programme, which is a structured curriculum on business administration, was launched in the second half of 2018 and is specifically aimed at grooming learners for related employment in Bafokeng’s public health institutions.

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