Our investments

MBM is an African community investment company which is entrusted to preserve and create inter-generational wealth for the MBM.

Our Investment objectives are to secure a sustainable inter-generational financial and social return for the nation.

MBM is a long-term investor that acquires significant stakes in high growth, defensive sectors and high-quality companies.

We partner for the long-term and our diversification and active ownership approaches are important components of our investment strategy.

MBM applies set criteria to its investment decisions and our strong balance sheet gives us the necessary scale to invest in leading businesses with established track records and strong management.

As a community fund we have a duty to create a portfolio that is diverse and that has liquidity and a strong and predictable dividend flow in order to support the development goals and aspirations of our beneficiaries.

In South Africa we have a legacy of partnering successfully with leading organisations to achieve real broad-based transformation and continually look to build sustainable trust-based relationships.

Investment approach

We have a xxxxx shareholder, the xxxxxx. Our approach to investment is founded by the need to create value by protecting and growing the income and capital base in real terms over time for the benefit of the community.

This translates into a long-term investment focus, with a view to deliver consistent dividends from companies which offer strong capital growth.

Our investment strategy is modelled towards long-term investments in like-minded companies with an established track record, strong and servanthood leadership, clear competitive advantages and high potential to deliver consistent value in the long run. Our approach allows the fund to have a perpetual time horizon and deliver on its mandate of creating intergenerational wealth.