About Kgotso

Kgotso is passion expressed as a business. Passion for engineering and cars. Passion for people. Passion for life. Where these connect lies our reason, our value proposition and our difference.

“More than a service for more than a car” is our affectionate translation of this.

On a technical level, your car gets you from A to B. Beyond technical, your car impacts your lives in many significant ways. From your private to your productive life, your car is more than just a car. Why then should service be just service.

That’s what Kgotso is about. We don’t fix cars. We restore freedom. Keep visions in motion. And ultimately help you realise the life you deserve.

Past, Present & Future

Engineering things and cars has always been part of our lives. But our journey as a business starts in 2014. Since, we have seen our passion grow from a small workshop into a respected automotive services provider in the Gauteng region, with plans to extend our presence and impact into other provinces in the near future.

Our passion, culture and high standards on service have seen us become a trusted partner to:

  • Individuals looking for an affordable alternative to pricey car dealerships and uncertified ‘under-the-tree’ services.
  • Government organisations that need their fleets on the road 24/7 as they save lives, maintain law and order and keep our cities moving.
  • Banking and insurance companies that must get vehicles back on the road to deliver their promise.
  • Companies in logistics and other industries that must keep their fleets in service to deliver their difference.


To keep people mobile so they can fulfil their leisure and productive goals, thus making their lives meaningful and fulfilling. To achieve this, we will provide professional, efficient and affordable automotive services.


To make our difference accessible to as many South Africans as possible by strategically growing our network of world-class vehicle service centres.


Passion - For engineering and cars, people and life.
Humility - We think of ourselves less and of others more.
Integrity - We do what we believe is right and say what we believe is true.
Happiness - We simply love seeing people happy.