Environmental Policy

The KAIROS COSULTING ENGINEERS Commitment to Environmentally Sound Business Practices

From its earliest days, Kairos Consulting Engineers has recognised the need to protect the environment in its business activities. Kairos Consulting Engineers therefore respects the environment, supports sustainable development and is committed to environmentally sound business practices in Zimbabwe and throughout the world. To fulfil this commitment, KAIROS COSULTING ENGINEERS:

  • Integrates environmental principles, programmes and practices into every part of its business, and throughout the supply chain of its products;
  • Strives for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and prevention of pollution through the application of the KAIROS COSULTING ENGINEERS Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • Endeavours to use less natural resources such as water and energy, and produce less waste;
  • Monitors its environmental performance and reports on its key environmental performance indicators;
  • Complies with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and other programmes to which KAIROS COSULTING ENGINEERS is committed; and
  • Provides appropriate information, communication and training to build internal and external awareness and understanding concerning Nestlé’s environmental commitment. Exercising this commitment, which is part of our broader commitment towards the good of the community, remains central to our business, today and tomorrow.