I am at my happiest when writing and enjoy researching and working on non-fiction books. I have written on an array of topics, from tourist guides to climate change and many on fundraising and charity management. I am currently working on my 28th publication.

Ghost Writing

I can assist in writing books for others. People have stories to tell, memoirs to record and autobiographies that must be written, even if only as a record for generations to come. Those in business or offering a professional service recognise that little is as powerful and valuable in promoting and marketing their businesses and/or services than having a published book on their topic or area of expertise. However, few have the time, or ability to produce a book. This is where ghost writing comes in.

Speech Writing

As both an experienced writer and public speaker, I am adept at writing speeches. I have substantial experience in this area but only undertake speech writing for causes in which I believe. Developing a speech takes time – often research time too. It requires each word to be carefully selected for maximum impact. I have written speeches for activists, campaigners, politicians (even for someone who is a country leader today), chairpersons and CEOs. I can assist you by developing the ideal address for each occasion.