About Jill Ritchie

I have written 27 books and edited seven. I am a mother, grandmother, vegetarian, butterfly lover and writer with more book ideas than I am likely to live to see in print.

Despite my world of work having been in the not-for-profit sector for over thirty years, I have never let up on my voluntary commitments. For instance, I was active in humanitarian aspects of the anti-apartheid movement – caring for family members of Robben Island prisoners. Together with the late Father Basil van Rensburg, in the 1980s and early 1990s, I drove initiatives to enable South Africans – black and white – to meet – not has master and servant/employer and employee – but as people, as South Africans – to overcome fear and mistrust – to change hearts and minds – in preparation on the ground – for the end of the evil of apartheid. Aside from serving on non-profit boards, I continue to give of my time voluntarily for causes close to my heart.

I am an active trainer and public speaker (having attained the highest possible level within Toastmasters International).

I am an ‘ideas person’, regularly overwhelming my team with innovative concepts that they are required to assist in implementing. I was a social entrepreneur before the term was coined. My philosophy in my career has always been: ‘doing business while doing good.’ My passions are travel (have been to over 40 countries and counting), reading and history, with a special interest in the Second World War.