National Office

The National Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretariat form the core Executive Body of the National Office.

All Branch representatives (Chairs) form part of the National Executive Committee.

The National Office has an overall administrative function which comprises the maintenance of memberships, the upkeep and support of communication / information channels, financial and general assistance to branches as well as overall financial reporting to the GSSA.

Gauteng Branch

In 2016, the National Executive Committee incorporated a formal Gauteng Branch to allow administration of this branch to stand independent from the National Office.

The position for Gauteng Branch representative will be opened up for election in 2017.

The Western Cape Branch

One of the most established and active branches launched under the first chairman, Peter Rosewarne. (1988/89)

The branch continued its momentum ever since and under the respective chairmanship of John MC Weaver (1990-1996),  LGA (Gordon) Maclear (1996-1998), JM (Jan) Rasmussen (1998-2000), RP (Roger) Parsons (2000-2004) and Mr Julian Conrad (2004-2008), a number of initiatives such as  “Introduction to Groundwater” short courses, regular late afternoon seminars, bi-monthly groundwater talks and one day conferences, followed.

Dr. Jaco Nel (2009-2010) and Dr. Kornelius Riemann (2011-2014) continued the momentum and Dr. Roger Parson was elected new Chairman: Western Cape for the 2016/17 term.


The Central Branch of the Groundwater Division consists of members from the Free State, Northern Cape and North West Provinces.

The Central Branch, established shortly after the Ground Water 2005 Conference (Gauteng), became the driver and main coordinator for the Ground Water 2007 Conference that was hosted in Bloemfontein from 8-10 October 2007.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr Cedric Nelson, the chair from 2006-2008, this branch grew substantially following the very successful 2005 Conference.

Mr Gawie van Dyk and Dr Jennifer Pretorius provided leadership during the 2009-2012 term.

Ms Danita Hohne was elected new chair/ branch representative in 2016.

The Eastern Cape Branch

This Branch originated from the Eastern Cape Ground Water Forum. This forum consisted of all interest groups in the region (consultants, drillers, academics, scientists etc.) and had regular meetings with the Department Water Affairs as well as a yearly function for all its members. They received regular sponsorship and all members assumed ownership of the forum.

Under the 2 year Chairmanship of Mr Ettiene Mouton, the GW Forum joined the GWD formally in 2007. In 2008, Mr Hanco Roux was elected as new Branch Chair with Mrs Sharon Swarts as secretary. For the period of 2010-2013 the Eastern Cape branch was administered by Mr Gert Nel.

In 2014, the GWD Eastern Cape welcomed Mr Jan Myburgh as the newly elected GWD Eastern Cape Chair.

In 2016, Mr Jan Myburgh was re-elected as Eastern Cape Chair and renewed his commitment to grow the branch representation and input in the region.

Limpopo Branch

In 2014, Mr Duncan Munyai was elected Branch representative for the newly established Limpopo Branch.

Mr Duncan Munyai was re-elected for the 2016/17 term.

KwaZulu-Natal Branch

In 2016, Mr Mark Schapers (JG Afrika) was elected Branch representative for the newly established GWD KwaZulu-Natal Branch.