South Africa Groundwater
Lifetime Achievement Awards (GWD Medal)

The Division, through nominations by the Executive Committee, honour individuals for outstanding service in the field of ground water. These nominated Honorary members receive Lifetime Achievement Awards for meritorious and outstanding service and dedication to furthering the science and technology of groundwater.

Honour Roll

2015: Mr Siep Talma
2015: Mr Phil Hobbs
2011: Mr Ernst Bertram
2011: Dr Johan van der Merwe
2009: Prof. Gerrit van Tonder
2007: Prof. Jopie Botha
2005: Prof. Eberhard Braune

Recipients in the 90’s:

Mr A R Reynders; Dr G Tredoux; Prof B Th Verhagen; Dr K L Morton, Dr T S Kok

Recipients in the 80’s:

Mr J R Vegter; Prof F D I Hodgson, Dr J F Enslin