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Prof. Edson Pindza

Founder and Chief Scientist

Professor Edson Pindza holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Finance from the University of the Western Cape.

He has a passion for all things applied mathematics and blockchain and has become a respected thought leader in these disciplines.

Among his several contributions in the space, he introduced a formal course in the mathematics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at the University of Pretoria.

With varied experience spanning academia, research and corporate consulting, Edson brings a wealth of knowledge and problem solving acumen to Eccenscia’s dynamic offering.

Terry Ashwin

Founder and Director of Research & Development

Terry Ashwin is a passionate inventor and creative thinker.

He has invented and received global recognition for several world-first technologies , including the active RFID and the first wireless data communication device developed in 1987 and subsequently sold IBM.

As a forerunner in new product development, Terry brings a wealth of knowledge and  vast R&D experience to Eccenscia’s quest.

Andrew Jansen

Director of Information Technology

Andrew Jensen is a versatile technologist with expertise in software solution creation and technical solution architecture development.

He has been and active contributor in the Information Technology space since 1998 and has successfully built and deployed a variety of solutions spanning a multitude of platforms.

Complemented by depth of his experience, Andrew brings to Eccenscia a remarkable ability to translate inventive thinking into solutions people can use, and enjoy.