Stadia systems

The benefits of using pre-cast concrete systems in stadia construction programmes in South Africa came to the fore during preparations for the Soccer World Cup in 2010.

Professional teams were able to accelerate construction times by manufacturing the main items off-site under tightly-controlled conditions and then install them on site, while work continued unhindered at the other construction faces.

Exactly the same concept is now being deployed in municipal sports complex construction programmes using our systems.

They comprise pre-cast concrete columns, raker beams, seating benches as well as floor and roof slabs that are assembled in record times, depending on site conditions.

We installed a 90 metre-long pavilion in as little as eight working days – a development that opened a completely new market for us as more municipalities started exploiting the advantages offered by our systems.

Our team of installers arrive on site once earthworks and site terracing for the stadium is completed by the main contractor.

After casting the concrete bases and installing the connection bolts, the columns are fixed in position and aligned. We then start placing the raking columns and seating benches.