Reservoir systems

Our reservoir roof system can be accelerated and programmed to specific site conditions.

We start manufacturing the structure off-site while the main contractors complete the ground work and footings of the structure.

Our team then installs a column-fixing assembly onto the blinding and the contractors fix their reinforcing for the footing before it is cast.

The columns are placed using a mobile crane and can immediately support the pre-cast beams.

Nuts are connected to the plum, and the tolerance gap between the footing and the columns filled with a non-shrink grout.

Beams are installed onto a bearing pad on top of the columns and connected with a dowel that protrudes from the pre-cast column.

Beams are tightened with a nut and washer to the column and the dowels also grouted with non-shrink grout.

Installation of the hollow-core slabs then commence, followed by the fixing of tie steel into the slab core and the protruding stirrups by the main contractor.