Corestruc Quality

Corestruc has retained its leading position in the South African concrete pre-cast structural industry by focusing on quality.

All of our high durability pre-cast items have a longer lifespan than a conventional concrete structure, contributing to the overall performance of the asset.

Our factory features specialised forms and moulds that guarantee accurate casting, complemented by a separate steel-fixing yard that ensures a high quality reinforcing in the concrete casing.

We operate an extremely sophisticated batching plant with sensors constantly monitoring the temperature and moisture content of the concrete mix.

Raw materials are only sourced from long-standing supply partners. Only washed aggregates and sand enter the production cycle, and silica fume is used to create a concrete with a denser micro-structure, guaranteeing the overall quality of Corestruc’s end product.

Due to extensive upfront planning and quality control measures, including a system of pre-checks and post-checks at the factory and on site, we also maintain a swift and accurate production rate on site.