Our People

We believe that relationships are the foundation of all goods things, in business and life in general.

Our most important relationship is one we have with our people, for it takes care of all other relationships. Accordingly, the extent to which it succeeds determines the extent to which our relationships with other stakeholders succeed.

Our view is that if we mean the values we espouse, then the same values should be our formula for a successful relationship with our people. It is for this reason that alignment on these values is the most important criterion in our people acquisition and development practices.

If Wellbeing,  Resourcefulness, Work Ethic, Accountability and Honesty resonate with you, you are the kind we would like to hear from you.

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Our first priority in the workplace is protection of the wellbeing of our people.

We promote a sense of personal ownership of ideas and outcomes among our people.

Work Ethic
We believe success is an outcome of willpower and disciplined effort.

We recognise that our work can have an impact on society and the environment and take a proactive approach in managing our impact.

We value integrity and transparency in our interactions and dealings with our people, clients, suppliers, partners and society at large.


We are constantly looking for new talent in the following lines of work:

  • All engineering disciplines i.e. Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Quantity Surveyors, etc.
  • Building services i.e. plumbers, bricklayers, painters, electricians.

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