AvenirAcademy is a training and development entity offering a variety of learning and development interventions for construction and neighbouring industries.

The Academy was established to provide ongoing R&D support to our operations as well as continuous development for our people in line with our mission to deliver innovative and leading infrastructure solutions.

Recognising that skills development is a national and continental imperative, a business case emerged for making our solutions accessible to other interested organisations and individuals, an expression of our commitment to holistic development of the Continent.

We offer:

  • Learning and development consulting
  • A skills development management service
  • Off-the-shelf and customised courses and programmes
  • Credit bearing and non-credit bearing courses and programmes

Growing to become a go-to name in the space, we differentiate our offering on the basis of:

  • R&D that informs content, design and delivery of our courses and programmes
  • Quality of faculty who are professionals with experience in their respective disciplines
  • Superior quality in the design and delivery of our learning and development experiences
  • The ability to offer customised solutions that can be applied immediately in the working environment with demonstrable Return On Investment (ROI).