AvenirHoldings was created to provide innovative and leading solutions in the delivery of infrastructure and ‘built’ projects.

Our mission was inspired by Africa’s immense potential as the next investment destination of choice and global economic leader, and by the understanding that the Continent can only live its potential if it prioritises development of key infrastructure.

Given our passion for the Continent and our well-developed capabilities in the built environment, getting involved would be a matter of purpose and calling. We do engineering, project management, construction and property, for big and small, public and private, local and international clients.

Launching our pursuit in 2014, we have had the privilege of delivering and participating in many projects of innovative and continental significance, in some instances serving alongside some of the leading brands in engineering and construction.

These unique opportunities have allowed our business to grow immensely in reputation, scope of offering, footprint and resource capacity, all of which enable us to do more as a service provider, industry influencer and corporate citizen.

Our most recent move in this trajectory of purposeful growth is establishment of AvenirAcademy, our response to the realisation that developing infrastructure while leaving people behind would not be a sustainable approach in the holistic development of the Continent.

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Fit For Context

Our business differentiates itself on the basis of its approach, Fit For Context, a philosophy that runs through the fabric of our business dictating outcomes we pursue and how we pursue them.

It is predicated on the understanding that our dynamic world has become more dynamic. The pace of change and the number of variables at play mean a good solution in one context could be a bad solution in another. This, we believe, has significance. It determines if one succeeds or fails, and to what extent. Put differently, we believe in ‘Agile’. Solution, not service.

Boxes we have ticked to make Fit For Context our real-life proposition:

We are multidisciplinary
We have capabilities across the full value chain of infrastructure development. Thus we have the ability to respond flexibly to diverse and complex client needs and requirements.

We have the right people
Our people are diverse and multi-skilled, and are developed on an ongoing basis to stay relevant.

We have the right partners
We partner with the right people, for the right reasons, as and when we need to.

We are innovative and responsive
Our solutions, in design and delivery, are context-driven. We consider the right variables, solve the right problem, the best way possible.

We care about the big picture
We keep an eye on what is changing, why it is changing, for whom it is changing, and what must change as a result.